What cafes to work at in Athens

Amsterdam may be a great city in the summer but winter can be a little depressing. This year therefore i decided to spend the colder months in the sunnier city of Athens. And whilst my apartment wifi was OK, it’s much more fun to work from cafes. Check out some of my suggestions for friendly places with decent WiFi and music at a reasonable level to allow calls.

The Underdog, Iraklidon, Athens

Underdog is located a short walk from the acropolis, the closest metro being Theseio. They sell brunch meaning they close around 7pm – think burgers, pancakes and egg-based dishes. The main vegan options are salads. There’s 2 indoor spaces upstairs and downstairs, as well as an outside area at the back. The WiFi doesn’t need a code to connect and is fairly reliable though it can go down for short periods. There are plenty of plugs but the music can be a little loud for calls and depending where you’re seated, sometimes service is a little slow.

Coffees are served hold or cold in the EUR 4 range, and they offer various plant-based milks. An unusual choice is the cold espresso with tonic for 5 euro – some people love it and others hate it but worth trying just to see.


Π=3.14 All Day Bar, Vriaxidos 23, Athina 116 34

=3.14 is located on the border between Pangrati and Vyronos, in a small half-square just across from one of the large churches. It opens at 8am and doesn’t close until 1am, and has a small area outside. Π=3.14 doesn’t have a lot of plugs, but it’s almost always very empty meaning that every time I visited I was able to easily sit near a power source to work. The WiFi connection is very reliable. They do play music but usually the level is low enough for making calls.

Π=3.14 serves a range of coffees all in the 4 euro price range, but also a selection of fruit smoothies and juices with a max price of 6 EUR. There is some food but not vegan-friendly. Not all the waiting staff speak English but it’s very easy to order and if you visit enough they remember what you want to drink!


Ramblas City Pleasure, Leof. Vasilissis Olgas 6, Athina 105 57

Ramblas is between the temple of Olympian Zeus and the national gardens (Zappeion) and just north of the marble stadium marking the start of Pangrati. There are some cafes inside the park but these charge a considerably higher price for drinks than in Ramblas. The windows look out on a running track, and there is also an outside seated area.

Internet is reliable, and there are power sockets alongside all the tables. For this location it can be surprisingly empty on weekdays. The music level varies. Juices and coffees are around the 4 euro mark, but there isn’t really much available vegan to eat aside from fries.


the view from Ramblas

Anana Coffee|Food, Praxitelous 33, Athina 105 60

Anana is one of the few places I know in Plaka with functioning Wifi that’s strong enough to work although it does disappear on occasion for short periods of time. I’ve tried The Clumsies which is almost opposite a couple of times but the connection is much less reliable. Power sockets can be found under most of the seats.

Anana is a vegetarian café, but slightly overpriced considering this is Greece. A 2 bread-slice sandwich costs a minimum of EUR 4.20 but the bread is dry and not so great. The vegan brownies are famous however, and they serve coffees starting at EUR 2 with fresh lemonade at EUR 4.


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