Checking out ClassPass in 2021

ClassPass launched in The Netherlands in 2019. I’ve previously looked into the possibility of signing up with them but their programs and website looked unnecessarily complicated especially compared to the more user and price friendly Dutch competitor OneFit. In September OneFit changed their memberships however, so what better time to try out ClassPass.

How Easy is it to use?

If you’re used to OneFit then the ClassPass app is horrible. There’s no easily navigable overview of what classes and studios are available to book. I was really only aware of which studios to visit by checking the individual schedules of the ones I knew from OneFit. It was slightly easier to search on the desktop version, but then I needed to make the booking via the app. They also need better algorithms. Even though I have ‘favorites’ saved, all the classes I saw when I logged on were ones I would not consider booking.

I’m also not so keen on the credit system. With OneFit every class costs the same whereas for ClassPass everything has a different price and there are also discounts on some classes. It is good that you can carry credits over though since I currently have 9 credits left it would be hard to find a way to use them all. I suspect that regular users find every month there are always a few credits left which are not quite enough to join a class.

The big advantage over OneFit is not being limited to only 4 visits per month to a particular studio.

How Easy Is it to cancel?

I looked into the cancellation policy, but to actually go through with cancelling I would lose all my remaining credits so won’t try this until I am at least close to zero.

What do I pay each month?

At present ClassPass offer ‘one month free trial’ and then you are automatically enrolled in their 59.99 package. During that free month they give you 20 credits after which time you receive 45 credits. I used my 20 credits within 1 week and needed to purchase more – and chose 25 extra credits for 45 EUR, making each credit EUR 1.80 excluding the free 20 credits. (I justified to myself buying these on the grounds that actually this month I only paid EUR 45 for a total of 45 credits or 1 EUR per credit).

In the EUR 59 program you pay for 45 credits. From that they estimate you can make up to 9 bookings per month which they claim averages 6.56 EUR per class. You can also roll over up to 45 unused credits per month.

How Much Does Each Class Actually cost?

Each class costs a different number of credits. If I divide the standard 59 euro membership by 45 credits then each credit comes to 1.31 euro (or 1.311111111111111 to be completely accurate). Ignoring the fact that the 1st 20 cost me nothing I’ve used my credits as follows:

Restorative Yoga at The Cosmos on a Friday evening – 7 credits – actual cost 7 x 1.31 = EUR 9.17. If I had signed up for a single class at The Cosmos this would have cost me EUR 15. The cheapest option buying direct for this class would have been if I had a 10 class bundle for EUR 110 and then each class would have cost me EUR 11. The only direct membership that’s cheaper would be if I had the Cosmos membership for EUR 99 per month then I could have attended a max of 12 classes which would cost me 8.29 per class.

Yin yoga at Rasalila on a Monday evening- 3 credits bonus price – actual cost 3 x 1.311 = EUR 3.93. Usual price 6 credits (EUR 7.87). A single class at Rasalila costs 16.50 so at the bonus price ClassPass is considerably cheaper. Their monthly membership and stripcards have a fairly complicated structure, as in you pay less per month the more and longer you commit to. The cheapest unlimited membership comes to EUR 79 if you sign up for 12 months which comes to more than my monthly amount to ClassPass.

Roride at Rocycle – City on a weekday lunch-time cost me 4 credits (EUR 5.24), usual price 9 (11.80). A single drop in visit to Rocycle costs EUR 12 so there isn’t really a saving here if you pay the ClassPass standard price. 5 classes come to 55 eur or 11 each with costs reducing the more you buy. You can even get 50 classes at EUR 400 (EUR 8 per class). In other words if Roride is your activity of choice then there isn’t much benefit to a ClassPass membership.

Yin Yoga at Bluebirds West on a Sunday morning cost me 6 credits (EUR 7.87). Drop in price here is EUR 15 and they currently offer a 10 visit stripcard for EUR 99 (9.90 per class). Personally I’m not keen on Bluebirds especially in the winter (cold floors) and I probably wouldn’t pay 6 credits for a class here again unless there was either no alternative available or for a class with a specific teacher.

Swim, Sauna and Gym at Westcourt Fashion Hotel cost me 2 credits at bonus price (2.62) on a weekend evening versus normal price 8 credits (10.49). Hotel guests can pay EUR 10 to use the sauna, and I have visited before for this price with a friend when neither of us were guests. To go on my own however I’m not sure I would pay EUR 10 though it is very nice to swim here on an evening when the pool is almost empty.

A 30 minute eyebrow treatment (shaping and tinting) at Wellcome Wellness cost 10 credits (EUR 13.11) reduced from 20 (26.22). Normal price according to their website is EUR 25. Personally I find it really hard getting appointments for eyebrow shaping and tinting in Amsterdam so if the 10 credit price comes up again this is definitely a good deal!

So Is it Worth It?

Definitely worth it if you compare to single entry classes, but not necessarily if you compare to local memberships or the bulk entries you can buy from each gym or studio. As previously mentioned in the EUR 59 program of 45 credits, they estimate you can make up to 9 bookings per month which they claim averages 6.56 EUR per class. Aside from the class at Yagoy West, only the classes offering a 50% first visit discount would actually have come close to this price.

ClassLocationEUR cost for single entryI paid in creditsIn EURNormal Price CreditsNormal Price in EUR
Restorative Yoga The Cosmos1579.1779.17
Yin YogaRasalila16.5033.9367.87
RorideRocycle City1245.24911.80
Yin YogaBluebirds West1567.8767.87
Swim, Sauna & GymWestcourt Fashion Hotel1022.62810.49
Eyebrow Tint & ShapeWestcourt Fashion Hotel251013.112026.22
Equal YinEqual Yoga Hoofdweg1633.9379.17
Relax & FlowYagoy West1556.5579.17
Yin yoga (daluren)Tula Bos & Lommer1767.87911.79
Aerial Restorative YogaTula Bos & Lommer1767.87911.79
RorideRocycle City1279.1779.17
Pop Up Aromatherapy YogaThe Cosmos1579.17911.79
RorideRocycle City12810.48810.48
Pop Up YinThe Cosmos1579.17911.79
AVERAGE EXCLUDING EYEBROWS5.467.16 EUR per class7.7610.19 EUR per class

The reason I left OneFit was because their membership changed. At present you can join 10 classes for 65.00 EUR which comes to EUR 6.50 per class. Even with the discounts that’s cheaper than ClassPass – so yes I’ve used my remaining 9 credits I will be going back to OneFit.

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