Vegan Stores and Businesses open during the Corona period

Recently I wrote about vegan restaurants offering takeout or delivery during the current times when physical bars and restaurants are closed. There are many other types of vegan businesses which fall under different categories and could not be included in my initial post. This is a summary of some of these and will also be updated as places open and close. Please do contact me if a vegan company operating in Amsterdam is forgotten.

Alexander Gershberg

Vegan chef Alexander Gershberg is offering online cooking classes once every few weeks. His second cookbook Energy just won a prize for best vegan cookbook of 2019 through magazine Lekker Vega.

Delicious Deshima

The Deshima store on Weteringschans is open and selling their usual range of organic and vegan macrobiotic items. The lunch-room is closed but soups, salads and prepared meals are available to take out. Deshima still hosts lectures and selected other events online.

Dogo Store

Dogo is a Turkish chain selling colourful vegan shoes, bags and some clothing with 2 branches in Amsterdam. Globally Dogo have closed all their physical shops during the pandemic, but you can still order online for delivery. Be aware that the items are sent from outside the EU and orders above a certain amount may incur import tax.

Inside the Dogo Store in pre-Corona times

The Dutch Weedburger

The Dutch Weedburger normally sells their seaweed-based burgers to restaurants and catering establishments. Currently you can also buy bulk packets of their burgers and weedballs online for cooking at home. Made from Dutch-grown seaweed, in my opinion the Weedburger is the best vegan burger in Amsterdam.

The Magic Mushroom Weedburger


FacepaintStuff in Osdorp is open only by appointment at present in order to maintain social distancing rules. They sell party-related items including vegan facepaints and balloons which go in the recycling. All products are both sustainable and hygienic.


This store on Utrechtsestraat sells ecological, organic vegan brands. The name – Geitenwollenwinkel – plays on the Dutch word that translates as ‘Goat Wool Socks’, used to describe those considered hippies or treehuggers. They sell a range of clothes, shoes, bags, toiletries, accessories etc. At present they are open Saturdays and Sundays between 1300-1700 or for private visits by appointment.


IHeartpizza offers delivery of frozen plant-based pizza to several Dutch provinces, including Noord Holland and therefore Amsterdam. There are 3 pizza types which you order either in individual or family packages, with delivery up to 4 days after placing your order.

Jimmy Joy

Jimmy Joy sells plant-based meal substitutes designed to be nutrient rich and convenient. These take the form of shakes and bars. The shakes can either be bought premixed as a complete meal or in package form to be prepared later.

Juice Brothers

All branches of Juice Brothers are currently open for takeout. They offer free delivery on their website for their 1-day 6 juice boost for €45, but lower orders are also possible. Aside from juice they also sell smoothie and Acai bowls. Some of the physical stores were this week offering Vitamin C or ginger shots as a free gift when buying certain products to boost immunity. Juice Brothers also participates in To Good To Go.

Lazy Vegan

Lazy Vegan frozen vegetable meals are available from certain supermarkets including Jumbo and Marqt. Their products are also available for a reduced price at pick-up points through Too Good To Go.

What to expect from Too Good To Go via Lazy Vegan

Little Plant Pantry

If you want your items packaging-free then try the Little Plant Pantry on Bosboom Toussaintstraat behind the Overtoom in West. Here you bring your own container and first weigh it empty, then again when it is full. You take a note of the 2 weights so they know what to charge. They sell a range of herbs and spices, nuts, pasta, dried pulses including chick peas or lentils, oats and grains, coffees and teas. There are also organic food oils and plant- based milk in bottles rather than tetrapak. They have locally produced vegan cakes, cheeses, pickles and soaps, plus a suggestion area for items they might be missing. Little Plant Pantry requires customers wash their hands on entering, and has shorter opening times than before Corona. They limit the number of people allowed inside and offer specific shopping times for high risk customers.

Little Plant Pantry

The Mindful Mushroom

The Mindful Mushroom is the outlet selling gourmet mushrooms and grow packs on behalf of the organic mushroom farm Mycophilia based in Amsterdam Noord. Previously these mushrooms were not available to the general public, but now there is less demand from restaurants and catering companies so the mushrooms can be ordered online and delivered to private customers at home.

Mushroom Grow Pack actually growing a mushroom!

Nono Cakes

Vegan pastry supplier Nono Cakes is still baking. Their products are available both to members of the public direct, or through their partners. They offer delivery one day per week to private customers, with a reduced menu than before Corona. Their partners include Vegan Masters who deliver daily to Amsterdam addresses. Nono Cakes are are sometimes available for collection on Too Good To Go

Oh My Raw Balls

Oh My Raw Balls on Bilderdijkstraat offers raw vegan balls and no-bake cakes. You can currently order the items direct from the shop. Check the Facebook or Instagram pages because opening times vary.

De Pindakaaswinkel

De Pindakaaswinkel sells hand-made organic peanut butter and peanut sauce. Their products contain only natural ingredients with no added sugar or salt, using only a little coconut oil and never palm oil. Items can either be purchased from them direct online, or from partner retailers including GreenSwapp and are sometimes available on Too Good To Go.


The deli and shop at Vegabond are still open for take-away or via Uber Eats. If there is anything left you can also buy through anti-waste app Too Good To Go.

Vegabond lunch from Too Good To Go


Vega-Life usually sells their clothes, vegan shoes, cosmetics, cook-books and other plant-based products from the shop on Nieuwe Hoogstraat. Their physical store is still open but with reduced hours. The full range is still available to buy online.

Vegan Masters

Vegan Masters is a meal delivery company from whom you can order freshly prepared vegan convenience foods. The meals are designed by chefs and include curries, pizza, soups and salads. Packaging is as sustainable as possible and on their site you can also see how the meals compare environmentally to a meat- based equivalent. Vegan Masters are also partnered with Too Good To Go.

To see how I found their service and food, check my previous Vegan Masters post.

Vegan Shop Shop

Vegan Shop Shop is closed as a store but open for delivery of their Pakistani deli food and snacks.


Vegan bakery Willem-Pie is located on Johan Huizingerlaan between the Rembrandtpark and Sloterpas. Although they normally prefer to focus on business sales, during Corona times they’re offering cake packages often centred round events including Easter and King’s Day.


Willicroft is Amsterdam’s first entirely vegan cheese shop, also offering cheeses from other companies and European wines. They currently operate via the Willicroft online store which delivers items direct to your home. Willicroft are also partnered with other companies including GreenSwapp and Too Good To Go.

You can also read about Willicroft on the news site of Vegan Food and Living magazine.


If you want to read about restaurants currently offering food, check the earlier post below.


Juice by Nature

Juice by Nature on Warmoestraat has been closed but have decided to reopen for takeout and delivery from 24th April. Check the details of their reduced menu on Facebook. They sell fresh cold-pressed juices, smoothies, salads, cofffes and vegan cakes. Chicken is an optional extra, so they appear here as vegan-friendly rather than vegan.


Zaandam-based Maza make hummus, falafel, salad and dressings. On their website it states that the majority of products are vegan and halal which suggests some items may not be vegan although when I searched the ingredients of various products online I was unable to find any animal- based ingredients. Maza products can either be ordered for delivery from the Maza website store or can be found in various supermarkets. They also offer food via Too Good To Go for collection either from behind De Foodhallen in Amsterdam West or their restaurant in Amstelveen.

What to expect from Maza on Too Good To Go

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