Amsterdam Blossoms… without other people

As part of social distancing, I’ve been taking daily exercise outdoors during mid-mornings when almost everyone else is either home schooling or working. Unlike in the afternoon and evening the streets and parks are virtually empty, enabling me to cycle to some beautiful parts of Amsterdam and enjoy them almost on my own.  We’re currently in blossom season,  with cherry or magnolia trees all over Amsterdam and I was able to take exercise to see some of these with almost nobody else around. 

The Japanese Blossom Park in Amsterdamse Bos

Last weekend’s news showed crowds of people in the Blossom Park but at 10am on a weekday Amsterdamse Bos was almost empty.  There were perhaps 10 people in the Blossom part of the Bos all keeping well away from each other.  If you plan your walking or cycle at a quiet time of day,  the blossoms are beautiful and in the rest of Amsterdamse Bos it is easy enough to keep your distance. The area is also large enough to take your exercise no matter how long or short you want to make it. 

10am on a weekday

The Westerpark

I had planned a long walking around the whole of the Westerpark but unfortunately the walking/ cycling path at the Sloterdijk end is partly closed due to construction. The remaining path in this section is barely one person wide making it impossible to keep your distance if someone wants to overtake or is coming from the other direction. I would recommend skipping this section of Westerpark completely, and sticking to the other side of the park.

I visited on a weekday early afternoon. It was still fairly empty but busier than in the mornings. The cherry blossom is just north of the Westergas section of the park. It is very beautiful but there were more people than in Amsterdamse Bos.

Magnolia in the Rembrandtplein

The statues of the Night Watch in the Rembrandtplein have recently been removed. Instead you find two magnolia trees which are currently in bloom. pigeons. A third tree looks less healthy. The trees look impressive because the square is empty but perhaps would be less so if everything was ‘normal’ and the square full of tourists. I was there on a weekday around 2pm, and only shared the space with around 3 other humans and a lot of pigeons.

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