Vegan restaurants still offering food despite Corona

On Sunday 15th March, the Dutch government closed down all physical restaurants in The Netherlands which was later extended. Even before this there was concern in the Dutch hospitality industry about how Corona and forced closures will affect businesses. So in order to help those who do stay open as well as inform vegans where they can still eat, I summarise here the vegan eateries from who you can still order home delivery or pick up food to takeaway. If a restaurant has been left out then either their website stated they are closed or had insufficient information for me to realise they are open. Some further places say on their site they are looking into delivery options. If you know another vegan place that’s open please message me and get them added below!

Alchemist Garden

The restaurant at Alchemist Garden on the Overtoom is closed and all their upcoming events cancelled, but food is still available for takeaway. Alchemist Garden offers healthy lunches and breakfasts, and their shop remains open.

From the take away items at Alchemist Garden

Beter & Leuk

Although the lunch-room is closed, Beter & Leuk are open for delivery via Thuisbezorgd, Uber Eats and Deliveroo. You can also arrange take-out if you call them first. The vegan cakes here are well known as being good, but they also sell a range of soups, salads and other desserts. You can also buy a gift voucher to be used now or later which they send by post.

Salad and Soup of the day from Beter & Leuk


Fine dining restaurant Bonboon are open for takeaway and delivery. You can order the dish of the day, cheeses and dessert either via email or from the website.

De Patchka

De Patchka is a plant- based Korean and Japanese take-away restaurant located on Albert Cuypstraat in the Pijp. They aim to be as sustainable as possible,and have also listed their hygiene measures against Corona on the website. De Patchka offers homemade kimchi and spicy dishes. Please call them to order. They are also planning to partner with a delivery company shortly.

Deer Mama Mylk and Vegan Burger Bar

Deer Mama were closed, but have reopened first for a special Easter box and then for at least another 2 weeks from 14th April for takeaway.

Delicious Deshima

Macrobiotic soups and lunches are available to take out from the shop at Deshima on Weteringschans. You can also join their lectures and selected other events online.

Juice Brothers

All branches of Juice Brothers are currently open for takeout. They offer free delivery on their website for their 1-day 6 juice boost for €45, but lower orders are also possible. Aside from juice they also sell smoothie and Acai bowls. Some of the physical stores were this week offering Vitamin C or ginger shots as a free gift when buying certain products to boost immunity. Juice Brothers also participates in To Good To Go.

What to expect if you order through To Good To Go

Koffie ende Koeck

Most of the time Koffie ende Koeck are closed during the current period, but they do open for takeout on specific dates or for events such as a baking sale. As an example they were offering take out Friday 27th and Saturday 28th March between 11:30am and 1500 hours, but their dates are usually only posted one week at a time. For full updates follow them on Instagram.

Loving Hut Amsterdam – Vegan House

Loving Hut (located in Bos & Lommer) have been closed but reopen 1st May for takeout. You can either call in advance or order at the counter. They have a shorter menu thank usual, containing mainly Asian dishes plus 2 types of burger and desserts.

Mastino V

Mastino V serves Vegan and Gluten-free pizza. At present their Corona deal is any pizza for €14.99 on Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Thuisbezorgd. They also offer a combi deal. You can also email them direct to arrange takeaway.

Meatless District

Meatless District are currently cooking vegan food for care workers in Amsterdam hospitals. There is a donation page to fund this.

Mooshka – Vegan Soul Food

Mooshka is a vegan restaurant located in the Pijp. Although the physical restaurant is closed they still offer delivery via Thuisbezorgd, Deliveroo and Uber. At time of writing this is only within 4km of their restaurant but they are hoping to extend this shortly. A large part of their delivery menu is burgers and sandwiches or wraps, but they also sell milkshakes and desserts.

Mr & Mrs Watson

Mr & Mrs Watson were closed but have reopened Thursday 22nd April, offering food for takeout and delivery Thursdays to Sundays. One of the few places located in Amsterdam East, Mr & Mrs Watson are especially known for their vegan cheese board.

Mr Blou I Love You

This streetfood kiosk is located at Elandsgracht 150, beside the bus station just before the beginning of Kinkerstraat. Mr Blou I Love You serves juices, smoothies, cakes, salad and falafel for takeaway and are open as normal.

Oliver Green

The speciality of Oliver Green is macro bowls but they also sell smoothies, wraps, avocado toasts and breakfast oat dishes. Their food is available for collection and via Thuisbezorgd, Deliveroo and Uber Eats. In addition to their normal menu they currently offer the ‘Quarantine Bag’, a selection of items for €29.50.

Indian curry bowl from Oliver Green

Plant Based Sushi

Plant Based Sushi is offering meals through their own delivery company. You can either order a Bento Box with optional dessert for 1 person, or their group menus where you get a range of items for 2-3 people.

To read more about this place check the article about them on the website of Vegan Food and Living magazine.

Items from the Plant Based Sushi menu

Soil of Amsterdam

Soil of Amsterdam aims to make plant- based foods more interesting by exploring ingredients and techniques that bring natural strong flavours including fermentation, smoking and pickling. Their seasonal meals from the ‘Fall-Winter’ menu are currently available through Thuisbezorgd, Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

Peanut Curry bowl from Soil

Trevi’s Amsterdam

Italian vegan restaurant Trevi’s Amsterdam is open for takeaway, delivery and purchases from their shop. Aside from pizza and pasta, they serve a range of antipasta, panini and desserts as well as Italian produce in their shop. More can be found about Trevi’s in the news article from Vegan Food and Living magazine

Chocolate pizza from Trevi’s


The deli and shop at Vegabond are still open for take-away or via Uber Eats, and if there is anything left you can also buy through anti-waste app Too Good To Go. They have a code for free delivery on their Facebook page.

What to expect when you order from Vegabond via Too Good To Go

Vegan Assassins – weekly takeaway at Dokhuis Galerie

Vegan Assassins are a group of vegan chefs who usually do dinner experiences and catering, but since the start of April have been offering takeout meals from Dokhuis Galerie in East. The menu changes weekly – for instance the first week’s theme was Indian and the second Arabian Mezzes.

Vegan Junk Food Bar

VJFB is of course popular with both vegans and non-vegans. Delivery is available through Thuisbezorgd. Aside from their signature burgers, all the side dishes, fries and desserts are also available. Fun food but not of course if you are looking for something that feels healthy ?. At present VJFB are giving away free toilet roll as a gift if you order through them.

Daddy McChick’n

Vegan Sushi Bar

Vegan Sushi Bar are offering delivery via Thuisbezorgd and Uber Eats. They also offer items for collection at the end of the day through anti-waste app Too Good To Go. Vegan Sushi Bar only opened in February so don’t yet have their own website but I recently wrote about them for Vegan Food and Living magazine.

Sushi rolls made from Thai black rice

Yemaya Vegan Corner

Located in Zuid-Oost, Yemaya Vegan Corner is a Surinamese vegan restaurant which only opened in March. At present they are offering takeaway.


Omni restaurant Yerba is going vegan for the Corona period, with food available for pickup from Friday 20th March. There will be one menu available, changing weekly. Yerba specialises in sustainable food from local suppliers.


The purpose of this post is to inform about purely 100% vegan eateries. There are of course other places open who can and do cater to vegan diets as well.

Betty’s Vegetarian Restaurant

Betty’s is a family run vegetarian restaurant close to Amsterdam Rai and dating back 30 years. Most dishes are or can be made vegan and they currently offer a 3 course meal for €18.50.

Golden Temple

Golden Temple offers international vegetarian and vegan dishes for takeout and delivery. They offer a wide range of dishes including pizza, Indian thai, Mexican tortillas and Japanese tempura.


Hartbiet is a vegetarian cafe and catering company located at De Nieuwe Yogaschool. Their food is mostly organic and they aim for climate neutrality with thre option to pay for carbon offssts. Since 20th April they have been offering home delivery of a vegetarian or vegan lunch, The Bietbox.

Olive and Cookie

Olive and Cookie serves vegetarian and vegan food including soups and cakes for takeaway. Check their Instagram or Facebook pages for details of when exactly they are open as this does seem to be varying.

Vleesch Noch Visch

Vleesch Noch Visch is a vegetarian streetfood kiosk on the corner of van Hallstraat and Schaepmanstraat. Almost all their dishes – including their signature Veggie Gyros – can be served as vegan in addition to the already vegan options on the menu. Their meals are available for either takeaway, or delivery by Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

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  1. Hello,

    Can you please include Betty’s in your article? It is probably the best vegetarian restaurant in Amsterdam, family – run for more than 30 years (long before being veggie was “trendy”) 🙂

    They deliver a three course menu for 18.50 € and, as their regular menu, it’s amazing.

    Most of Betty’s dishes are vegan so making the menu 100% plant-based is not a problem.



  2. Hiii,

    Almost two weeks ago we (Vegan Assassins) started a vegan take away with a weekly changing menu (currently Arabian mezze). We are located at Dokhuis Gallery and everyone is an experienced vegan chef! Usually we just do dinner experiences, but we still wanted to make ourselves useful and we love to make delicious, world friendly food.

    Check our fb and we would love to be on this page!

    Lovely Greetings,

    Vegan Assassins

    1. Adding you today ? … thanks for letting me know, coincidentally you also started to appear in my social media from this week!

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