YOUSEUM – a museum about You?

An ‘immersive pop up art experience that puts you at the centre of the exhibition’.

Or translated into normal English, YOUSEUM is a privately owned temporary museum with photo opportunities for selfies.  Located close to the Amstel river, YOUSEUM is home to 15 rooms containing backdrops designed for you to take unusual pictures of yourself and your friends.  They also have cameras set up for the museum staff to take staged photos which can then be downloaded free of charge.  You can also of course buy prints of the pictures they took or have them printed onto souveniers like mugs and magnets. 

Loadsamoney – but also this photo free of charge!

The YOUSEUM website suggests that the museum delves into some deeper questions. What, it asks, happens after you take the perfect selfie? That interested me greatly but was unfortunately not actually addressed anywhere in the museum.

21st century existential angst? Taken from their website

As with most privately owned museums, there is no discount for your MuseumKaart at YOUSEUM. Full price entry for adults is a steep €19.95. When we visited there was discounted entry for €13.50 through Groupon. This discount looked very permanent and we easily found it by Google searching the museum name and Groupon. I would not have considered it worth the full entry price to come here but for the discounted price it is definitely good fun.

when you try for a cool action shot of falling but just end up smacking a ball in your face

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