A Volunteer Day with Adam Helpt

Recently I joined a volunteer day arranged by Adam Helpt,  with employees of a solar panel plus residents and staff of a care home for elderly people. 

My Volunteering Day.

Kadoelerbreek is an assisted living home managed by Cordaan and located in Amsterdam Noord. They look after elderly people with intellectual problems. The residents are vulnerable and many have mobility issues. But they still enjoy socialising and getting out and about. On Thursday 20th February employees from De Zoncorporatie visited Kadoelerbreek to volunteer. They chose this project because it was in line with their company ethics. De Zoncorporatie provides solar panels and LED lighting to housing corporations and their tenants. The panels are either rented at an affordable price or donated to the low income residents. The panels reduce the energy bills of these tenants and helps them live more sustainably. The LED lighting is for communal areas of buildings to save costs and keep energy usage down.

During the volunteer event, we split into 2 groups. Some people stayed behind to paint a corridor whilst the remainder joined 20 residents on a bus trip. The bus took a scenic route through Monnickendam, Volendam and then Edam before eventually arriving at Simonehoeve close to Volendam. Here there was cake and drinks plus information about cheese making and a visit to a small clog-making museum.

Cheese to be tasted in Simonehoeve

Adam Helpt / Serve the City

Adam Helpt is the umbrella name for 3 NGOs who have joined together to organise and coordinate volunteer activities in Amsterdam. Volunteers can either join events as individuals, or Adam Helpt can coordinate company days where the employees volunteer together.

Volunteer Days for Individuals through Serve The City

Serve the City is one of the NGOs in the umbrella group of Adam Helpt. They organise regular volunteer days where individuals can join a range of activities helping those in need. These are usually on a Saturday around once per month. Information can be found via their website or facebook page. But typical activities can include playing bingo with elderly people, cleaning plastic waste from public areas, painting or gardening.

Other Organisations for Volunteering

There are of course other organisations through whom you can arrange volunteering. A good resource for finding opportunities in English is in the database of Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam.

Another organisation arranging volunteer events is NLdoet.

Many companies in The Netherlands arrange volunteer days for their employees. As examples through my former employer, I cooked for the homeless several through Stichtung Stoelenproject close to Kinkerstraat and collected litter from North Sea coast through the Boskalis Beach Clean Up Tour.

Beach Clean in Zandvoort

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