Where to get your Cat Fix in Amsterdam

Last September saw the opening of Wild Whiskers, the gift shop of the Kattencafe Kopjes. To celebrate I take a look at places to get your cat fix here in Amsterdam…

Kattencafe Kopjes

Kattencafe Kopjes is located in the Baasjes in Amsterdam West. Reservation is recommended as they limit the number of visits at any one time. 7 cats live in this cafe, which is open Wednesday to Sunday. Visitors pay a small entrance fee to spend a maximum of 2 hours in the cafe. They serve drinks and cakes and also have a lunch menu which includes some vegan and gluten free options. There are always cats visible but some may be sleeping or on high shelves during any visit. All the cats came from animal shelters in Amsterdam and were chosen because they were most suited to the cat cafe environment. This is based on their characters and them being equally well socialised with other cats and humans. The cafe asks visitors not to disturb or wake the cats if they are sleeping and not to pick them up.

Happy to be petted…

The cat cafe is located on Marco Polostraat 211. It is open Wednesday to Sunday 10am-7pm. Reservation via http://www.kattencafekopjes.nl/reserveren

Wild Whiskers

Wild Whiskers is next door to the Cat Cafe and sells a range of gifts for cats and their humans all of which are also available via their shop online. Items include t- shirts featuring the cats from the cafe, beds and baskets (for your cat to ignore), catnip toys, cat-related books and drinking fountains. The store is open 11am-7pm Wednesday to Friday and 10am-7pm Saturday and Sunday.

The KattenKabinet (Amsterdam Cat Museum)

The KattenKabinet (Cat Cabinet) is located on Herengracht close to Vijzelstraat. The museum and shop are open 10-5 weekdays and from 12 on weekends. Entry is EUR 10 and because this is a private museum, discount cards including the Museumkaart and I-amsterdamcard are not valid.

The Cat Museum was founded in 1990 to commemorate the memory of the owner’s cat JP Morgan. The exhibits are a collection of paintings, posters, photographs and sculptures ask featuring cats. There are 3 rooms along with a small shrine to JP Morgan. During the summer visitors can also access displays in the garden. There are actual cats living in the museum. Often they are sleeping in one of the rooms though sometimes they are nowhere to be seen. Aside from the permanent collection there are occasional temporary exhibitions and a range of books, cards and posters to buy fron the shop. During my last visit there was a very affectionate feline resident hanging out on a pile of books in the shop and demanding 2- handed strokes from passing guests.

Cats & Things

Cats & Things is located on a quiet street in the Jordaan close to the Houseboat Museum, Anne Frank House and 9 Streets. This small shop sells a range of items to make both cats and cat-lovers happy. There are scratching posts, cat toys and treats as well as feline-themed mugs and other gifts.

Cats & Things can be found at Hazenstraat 26. They open 11:30-6pm Tuesday to Friday and until 5pm on Saturday.

De Poezenboot

De Poezenboot is a small animal sanctuary in a boat on the Singel. There are other larger animal sanctuaries in Amsterdam where visitors can go to adopt a cat but this one is most centrally located. Visitors should make am appointment in advance is they are considering adopting a cat. A larger animal shelter is located in Osdorp where cats can be adopted along with dogs or rabbits. There is also a cat shelter north of the Ij but their rules are much stricter regarding outsude access for any cats you may be considering to adopt. All the shelters can usually only be visited with a prior appointment.

Bars, Restaurants, Shops and Yoga Studios

There are many other places in Amsterdam where you may find cats. If you visit a restaurant or bar and spot one lounging around then you know for sure that there should not be any mice in the kitchen! Some of these cats are more well known than others. Isabella from De Nieuwe Yogaschool and vegetarian cafe HartBiet even has her own Instagram page.

Isabella the Yoga Cat

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