My OneFit: Surf at Studio 191 West

Sadly Studio 191’s ‘surf’ does not take place on the beach but what a great excuse to use this photo!

‘Surf’ is a class of yoga moves on a wood and cork surfboard inside a studio. The board is placed on a mat. The main props are 2 x round rubbery supports which go underneath the board during the second part of the lesson to make balance even more wobbly. According to the teacher, surf yoga does not have any direct impact on your ability to surf but it works towards strengthening your core which is useful in real surfing.

Sure Yoga Boards
Surf Yoga Boards

I attended the Wednesday morning class which starts out in a seated position with breathing exercises. Things then became much more active. I previously only joined evening classes of surf yoga when the room was very full. The evening class was much slower with a different teacher and focus on holding poses and balance. Wednesday mornings are emptier but the class is much more active with more constant movement and a definite flow. All poses require balance but very much focus on strengthening the core. It does concentration at times to stay on the board but at the same time this can also help as you aim for the correct body position. Some moves are more difficult in the board. As an example it can feel very unbalanced for the earlier poses and lunges. But at the same time a tree pose can feel easier because the concentration is split between holding the pose and not falling off the board. The balance is something that should quickly improve though by joining more regular classes. With the added benefit of being a fun way to work out whilst working on the core.

Surf currently takes place on Wednesday morning and Saturday lunch- times at Studio 191 West. There was previously a class on a weekday evening so keep an eye out of this is something you are interested in as schedules may change.

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