Vegan Lunch Spots in The Pijp

The Pijp has been one of Amsterdam’s trendiest districts for a number of years.  No surprise then that there are several vegan or vegetarian restaurants in this area. So where should you stop for a spot of lunch?

Beter & Leuk, 1ste Oosterparkstraat

One of my favourite places in Amsterdam is lunch-room Beter & Leuk. Located on 1ste Oosterparkstraat, they are open from 8.30/9.30 until 1700 hours Monday through to Sunday but also have a take- away and delivery store from 1630 to 2030. There are some tables outside. This long-running cafe has a very relaxed atmosphere and also welcomes customers with laptops clearly staying longer than just the time they eat. The food is vegetarian or vegan, and as much as possible seasonal, organic and locally produced.  In addition to their lunch menu vegan or gluten-free high tea is available on weekdays if pre-booked. Their vegan cakes are well known and a whole cake can also be ordered to take away.  There is also a frequently changing selection of 2nd-hand or sustainable clothing, artwork, healthfood and cushions available to buy in the shop. 

Soup of the Day with salad from Beter & Leuk

Hearth, Albert Cuypstraat

Another relaxed spot in the Pijp is Hearth on Albert Cuypstraat alongside the market. Open since 2016, Hearth is a vegan cafe with puchasable art on the walls and a small shop selling items usually produced by underprivileged indigenous populations. Hearth hosts regular events, the most popular of which is their monthly-ish live jazz evening. Hearth offers larger dishes including home cooked pasta or vegan sushi but also lighter bites in the form of sandwiches or soups. One of the more unusual attractions of Hearth is the swing seats set around an elevated table.

Their classic sandwich – sauteed broccoli with vegan aioli

Vegan Junk Food Bar, Marie Heinekeneplein

Vegan Junk Food Bar (VJFB) is always a popular choice especially with visiting tourists or when in the company of meat eaters. The Marie Heinekenplein branch is busy but large enough that usually they have some space. Aside from burgers, the VJFB also sells fishless Sashimi, vegan shawarma, coconut curry bitterballen and various types of fries. The closest they come to healthy is the No Tuna Caesar salad.

Daddy Mc Chik’n on Unicom Bread

Oliver Green, 1ste Oosterparkstraat

Oliver Green is a new spot which opened summer 2019. They have a very small number of tables as they mainly cater to delivery and takeaway. They serve all day vegan healthy breakfasts, sourdough open sandwiches and lunch bowls.

Choices at Oliver Green

Deer Mama Vegan Mylk & Burger Bar, Ceuntuurbaan

Deer Mama opened in 2018 and quickly became famous for their vegan burgers and shakes, including alcoholic vegan milkshakes. The people behind Deer Mama had an earlier restaurant Dophert especially known for vegan cakes but which has unfortunately closed down now the focus is instead on Deer Mama. Many of their items have now appeared on the Deer Mama menu. They serve burgers all day but there are separate brunch/ lunch and dinner menus with sandwiches or ramen during the day and larger dishes in the evening.

And more!

There are many more places where you can have a vegan lunch in the Pijp. Here are some more suggestions below.

Mooshka, van Woustraat – vegan cafe and bar. A lot based on meat substitutes.

Rainbowls, Frans Halstraat – Acai bowls and granola, surprisingly filling

Mr Stacks, Govert Flinckstraat – Vegan Pancakes served with unusual toppings such as vegan burger or hummus. The pancake base is a little sweet.

Maoz, Albert Cuypstraat – Falafel bar chain, all branches in Amsterdam are vegan. Also serves salad and chips.

Meatless District, van Woustraat – The Pijp branch of Meatless District is only open for lunch on Saturday and Sundays.

What I ate and where

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