Should I switch to Disney+ (free in The Netherlands until 12th November)?

To watch TV in The Netherlands you normally need to pay for a TV channel package from KPN, UPC or one of the other providers. Many people don’t bother.  They just susbribe for internet plus a streaming service. The most popular is Netflix who currently offer 30 days free then a monthly subscription starting from EUR 7.99.

Recently however there has been much talk of other screening services, with some films and series disappearing or never coming to Netflix.   This November sees the official  launch of Disney+ in The Netherlands.  In reality the service provision started already and is provided free until 12th November 2019.  After November the monthly cost will be EUR 6.99, so slightly less than Netflix.

Since it was free I signed up for Disney+.  The account was easy to create, and the app downloaded quickly on my phone.  I had to provide my back details but so long as I cancel in time there won’t be any charge.  The first few times I tried watching the phone app crashed, but this does happen occasionally with Netflix also.  It worked slowly  on my laptop.

Scrolling through the available films and series I was disappointed in the selection currently available in Disney+.  The majority of what they have on offer does not really cater to adults. Despite a thorough search I only found 3 films I may watch.  The first,  Solo: A Star Wars Story, I’ve never seen because it did not make it to Netflix. The second, Free Solo ,I have seen but could watch again.  The 3rd, Willow, I liked in the 80s and would be fun seeing again. There was a lot from the Marvel Universe, some of which were at least previously on Netflix. The rest was for kids or just nothing I have any interest in.  Some of the Marvel films I had started but did not consider finishing on a small screen.

Maybe in the long-term things will change and the Disney+ streaming service will have more. For now though it only seems worth it if you have kids.  I will definitely be cancelling my subscription before the billing period, quite possibly without even making the effort to watch the 3 films mentioned above. For me there is still plenty to watch on Netflix without needing any extras from Disney+

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