Which Gym membership works for New Arrivals?

One of the recommendations many new arrivals in Amsterdam ask is for gym memberships. Many people who first arrive do not yet have a long-term address and are therefore looking for a flexible membership in order to work out close to both their temporary apartment, their office and wherever they eventually live. Or else be able to cancel at short notice.

One company offering the chance to visit at many different locations is OneFit. Full membership costs EUR 65 per month in Amsterdam, with a discount on the first month if recommended by an existing member. They also offer memberships in Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht as well as in Germany and Spain. Classes are booked online via an app and users can work out at 100s of locations across the city. Restrictions include not visiting the same gym twice a day or more than 4 times per month. A large proportion of classes are yoga or Pilates but members can also do normal gym workouts and swim, or try indoor bouldering, barre, dance classes, meditation, Bootcamp or high impact training amongst other examples. Several locations have access to spa or sauna facilities. Membership runs for 30 days and can be paused and restarted as required.

Preparing Hammocks for Aerial Knot Dance available through OneFit

A similar company is Classpass who offer access to several gyms and studios across the city. Members can use classpass in any of the other participating countries which include the UK, the US, Singapore, UAE and Canada. Membership starts from EUR 29 per month but instead of being able to attend an unlimited number of workouts pet month you buy credits. If you have leftover then 10 credits can be carried over to the filtering months. A class in Amsterdam costs on average 5 credit so the most expensive membership for EUR 59 allows you to book a maximum of 20 classes. At present the first 2 weeks are free.

if you prefer a more traditional workout then Basic-fit has more than 650 gyms across Europe including 14 in Amsterdam plus 2 very closeby in Diemen. Membership allows access to all clubs, although some are restricted to women only. Fees start from EUR 19.99 per month with a minimum term of 1 year. For 29.99 you can share membership with another person living at the same address. Basic-fit gyms offer classes, weights and gym machines.

Basic-fit gyms are easy to spot with their orange flags and logo

Another chain with 10 gyms in Amsterdam is Fit For Free. Their membership gives access to a total of 96 gyms. They offer different types of membership starting from 19.99 per 4 weeks for access either to solo training (gym machines etc) or to only attend classes. The most expensive membership costs 29.99.

An alternative with an unusual concept is Trainmore. Standard membership here is EUR 29 per month when signing for 1 year or EUR 39 if you sign up for 2 years. But with these, each time you work out you receive an EUR 1 discount meaning that the more often you come the less you pay. There are also more expensive flexible memberships with a shorter minimum period and student discounts. Trainmore has 7 locations In Amsterdam as well as 2 gyms in Utrecht and 1 each in Eindhoven, Haarlem, Groningen, Rotterdam and The Hague. Their gyms are also available via OneFit.

There are many other gyms in Amsterdam offering direct membership and often with classes in English. The examples mentioned here are among the ones with the most flexible types of membership so that anyone just arrived in The Netherlands can sign up even though they may not yet know where they will be living for the long term. Fees were correct at the time of writing.

Enjoy your workout!

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