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Welcome to Amsterdamschat! Hope you enjoy my thoughts and random tips and that they can be useful for you….

I am a British national who has now lived in the Netherlands accidentally for more than 11 years. I arrived here in March 2008 for a 6 month contract expecting to stay maybe 2 years then suddenly realised I had been here for 5.

At one with a Dutch life!

My working background is in relocation though I studied various subjects at higher education level – European history, a foreign language, Russian literature then travel and tourism. I enjoy travelling but also staying at home. When I’m not chilling out with my own and the neighbourhood visiting cats, you can usually find me at the climbing gym or experiencing as many weird yoga classes that I can find.

Aside from this blog I previously wrote several uncredited articles for the Crown Relocations website including the below:

Moving to Hoofddorp https://blog.crownrelo.com/uk/moving-with/moving-to-hoofddorp/

Relocating To The Netherlands (aimed at the Turkish market) https://www.crownrelo.com/intl/en-tr/article/relocating-to-the-netherlands-/

In a much earlier life I also wrote some online articles for Expatica as well as reviews for a restaurant site: https://www.restaurantsomh.com/author/rhiannon-magor

I recently had some articles published on the news section of Vegan Food and Living Magazine: https://www.veganfoodandliving.com/news/a-vegan-sushi-restaurant-has-just-opened-in-amsterdam/


their royal highnesses Ziggy and Little H

I went vegetarian around 1990 and stopped buying leather shortly after. During the 90s and early 2000s I tried veganisn a few times but always found it too hard with respect to everything containing cheese, milk products and eggs. After moving to Amsterdam it became much easier to exclude these items especially over the last few years when the vegan scene here had been massively growing. Nowadays it is very normal not to buy or consume animal- based products with a plant- based life having become very much more accessable and easier to follow.

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